President's Message

By demonstrating a corporate responsibility towards society we hope to show the true value of our company. The happiness and contribution of each member of the company is key to the continued success and advancement of our business. I believe that the profits gained from our technological achievements should be distributed fairly to the community, employees and shareholders alike, with our focus firmly set on the goal of developing the business activities of our company for the enrichment and benefits of society as a whole.

To achieve this fundamental goal, every year since the inception of this company we have shared our business plans with our employees. We believe that the awareness of these plans is essential in helping each individual employee build a strong trust in the company and one another and allows them to devote their unique talents and abilities to the purpose of achieving this one single goal.

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Our aim is to grow our socially responsible business as a driving force for new technologies under the company slogan “The Only Way Forward Is Together”.

Mey Plek Bora